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One Stop Party Experience • Happy Gathering

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Premier destination for a multi-sensory party KTV experience

WAVE PARTY K is the "first themed party KTV" located at 3F, GIRD Commercial Centre, Selegie Road, Singapore.

The well famous party KTV in the island, with the NEW concept of advanced entertainment experience "New Play" "New Vision" "New Party" brand new party KTV culture.

Experience next generation Avant-Garde Entertainment.

The top-level light hardware is used to match the multi-dimensional visual space lighting linkage system to build an advanced party KTV play space.


The next generation in our audio-visual entertainment system and immerse yourself in a truly out of this world experience



State-of-the-art audio/visual equipment.

Immerse yourself in the new generation of audio/visual experience.

Awake your musical talents, let loose and sing to your hearts content.

Our system allows one to be fully immersed in whichever genre you’ve chosen.



Bespoke party experience.

Luxurious private rooms with personalized services such as butlers and DJs for a customized party experience.

90’s party, House music, Trance music, Halloween, Star Wars, Superheroes and various other themes can be seamlessly integrated into the private rooms’ décor and modern equipment/technology, creating a unique Wave Party K experience.



Create your own play field.

Exclusive DJ booths in each of our luxurious private rooms to call the shots on music selection.

Feel the beat, rhythm and bass in every fiber of your body with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Create your own play field, create memories.

Haute Cuisine

Haute Cuisine

Five-star private chef gourmet experience.

We scour the world for the best ingredients, to provide your impeccable taste buds with a Five-star private chef gastronomical experience.

Enjoy the best on what our world has to offer and live to the fullest.